Veterinarian-Approved Dog Food Recipes for Allergies

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You love your dog, and you certainly do not want him or her to suffer, but allergies are a reality for canines just as they are for many people. Allergic reactions are not limited to any particular breed, though some breeds are more vulnerable than others. Owners of German shepherds, boxers, bull terriers and golden retrievers have an especially difficult time navigating the different allergic reactions that their beloved pets may endure.

Some allergy signs and symptoms are easy to recognize in your dog. If you notice vomiting, hot spots, red or runny eyes, increased scratching, sneezing, face rubbing or hair loss, it may be time to speak with your veterinarian about allergies and what may be causing them. Many times, food is the culprit.

Just like their human friends, dogs inherit allergies and food intolerances from their parents. The genes that are passed down prevent them from digesting either all proteins, which is common, or just particular ones. Some common allergens for canines include fish, pork, lamb, eggs, wheat, beef, dairy products, corn, chicken, soy and rabbit.

Feeding your pal a vet-approved recipe is certainly the best long-term solution for permanent allergy relief.

Learn What is Causing Your Dog’s Allergies

When a dog ingests anything that causes an allergic reaction, the response can include the troublesome symptoms listed above, as well as skin rashes, diarrhea and lethargy. Your veterinarian can test your buddy for allergies or begin an elimination diet, to determine the allergen. Once you know what he or she is reacting to, you can work with a nutritionist to make or choose the best foods for your dog that eliminate the allergies.

Choose the Best Vet-Approved Dog Food for Canine Allergy Sufferers

Once you determine the offensive ingredient in your dog’s dinner, you will need to comprise a healthy diet that provides him or her with nutrients, yet excludes the problematic ingredients. There are many ways to go about this.

Look for Hypoallergenic Foods in the Supermarket

There are simply so many dog food formulas and brands available, that sometimes it is difficult to find one that is not only hypoallergenic, but also appealing to your dog. Many of the safest and healthiest types are also crafted with ingredients that are quite expensive and include choice proteins like duck, venison and bison, but your dog’s comfort is certainly worth the extra money.

Brands like Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet can be found online and in many grocery and pet-specialty stores. These top brands carry many recipes that cater to pups that suffer from intolerances and allergies.

Purchase Veterinarian-Prescribed Foods

You can also find limited-ingredient foods at your vet’s office or through specialized pet food outlets like the online retailer, Chewy. Most will require a prescription from your vet, however, and his or her contact information, for answering any questions at the store.

Create Your Own Dog Food at Home

One of the best ways to control which ingredients your dog will eat is to make his or her food from scratch. There are many recipes available online that you can use to cook up tasty treats for your pal that are also gentle on his or her body.

In conclusion, it’s important to keep a close eye on what your dog eats if he or she has allergies. At the first sign of allergies, have your veterinarian test your dog so the two of you can come up with the best diet plan going forward. After all, you love your dog and just want him or her to be comfortable and happy.

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