What Is a Goldendoodle?

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Goldendoodle laying on the grass
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Goldendoodle breeds are one of the most popular dog breeds. But what exactly is a goldendoodle and why are they so popular?

Mixed Breed

A goldendoodle (Groodle) is bred from a poodle and a golden retriever. They were first bred in the 1990s in three varied sizes. Since the parents of the Groodle are pure-bred, they are considered a high-end dog breed to own. Poodles do not shed and are known for intelligence and golden retrievers are family-oriented dogs. Mixing these qualities causes them to be desirable, and therefore more expensive.

Got Allergies?

goldendoodle laying down

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A popular trait of these dogs is that they are hypoallergenic. Most goldendoodles do not shed, which helps alleviate the need to vacuum all the time. They also can be an easier breed to live with if your family faces allergies to dogs. There is no guarantee that goldendoodles will not cause allergies, but it is known that they can reduce the allergens that other dogs would bring into the home. This dog is a wonderful choice for those who need a dog that doesn’t bring added allergens into the home.


Goldendoodles are known for being a friendly breed. They become fast friends with children and other animals which can make them great family pets. They are also known for being playful. They enjoy socializing with their owners by exercising outside. You could take them on walks, hiking and many other outdoor activities with ease. This makes them an excellent choice for athletic owners.

They are also very cuddly animals. And even though they enjoy playing, they also love to relax on the couch. These traits allow them to be good with children. Goldendoodles have wonderful qualities for a family pet that can adapt to any activity you could imagine.

How Can I Tell if My Dog Is a Goldendoodle?

Since these dogs are expensive, there are a lot of breeders who lie about the puppies they are selling. The coat color of a doodle has an extensive range. They can have apricot, chocolate, phantom, merle, parti, sable or a combination of all these colors. Dogs with a darker coat will have brown eyes while the ones with a lighter coat should have hazel eyes.

If you are purchasing a middle-aged dog, do not panic if their coat changes color. Many doodles tend to have their dark coat lighten or their light coat darken with age. Doodles also have wavy or curly fur. If the puppy does not have a distinct wave or curl in its fur, it is not half poodle.

The poodle half of a goldendoodle prevents the dog from shedding. If the puppy you just purchased begins to shed, you have been swindled. Doodles also come in many varied sizes. A medium-sized dog weighs 30–45 pounds while a miniature dog weighs 20 pounds.

These are some of the many features to look for when buying or adopting a goldendoodle.

Whether you are looking to adopt or purchase, goldendoodles are a wonderful choice for a family-friendly dog.

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