What Is the Best Cat Cave Bed

Author: Jenna Gordon | November 08, 2022
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cat cave bed
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Why Do Cats Like To Sleep?

Has your cat ever curled up for a nap in that box you keep meaning to throw away? Cats like to sleep and how much they sleep depends on their age. The average adult cat will sleep 12–20 hours a day. Kittens will sleep most of the day with times of high energy in-between. Senior cats will sleep most of the day since most lack mobility and energy. If you notice your cat sleeping more than usual, this can signify health issues. Call your vet if you notice a change in your cat’s behavior or if they become lethargic.

Have you ever noticed your cat likes high places or tucked away corners? This allows them to survey their domain without being seen. Sleeping is a time that cats feel vulnerable. Cat cave beds can offer a safe and secure place for them to rest. Since they are predators, they conserve their energy for times when they have to hunt (i.e., scream at you until you fill their food bowl). Cats are also prey for larger animals; they have been biologically trained to stay alert.

Do Cats Like Cave Beds?

Cave beds for cats are a great option for cat furniture. They have a safe and secluded resting spot in the house. Especially if you have children in the house, a cat cave bed can be a place away from little hands. Two reasons cats like cave beds:

  • Warmth
  • Security

Cats originated from the desert and they naturally crave warmth. Their body temperature runs at about 101.5° F. The small, enclosed space of a cat cave bed creates a warm space for a cat. Cats can also feel secure in their cave beds because they are protected on all sides. Cats instinctively try to protect their stomachs because that is where they are most vulnerable.

Best Cat Cave Bed Options and Choices

cat cave bed

As far as cat furniture goes, a cat cave bed has many features that make it a desirable piece of furniture. Cat cave beds come in several varieties depending on material, layout and size. Different material options include wool, faux fur or polyester. Wool is the natural option, but can also be more expensive and harder to clean. Cat bed caves can come as a single piece or be connected to other accessories. Some cat beds are even shaped like other items.

Picking a cat cave bed can be a daunting task. Have a plan for where the cat cave bed is going to live in your home. This can help you decide what type of cat cave bed will be best for your cat and your space.

Our top cat cave beds include:

  • FEANDREA Retro Cat Hut with Bed and Cave
  • Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed
  • TRIXIE Lukas Cuddly Cave Cat Bed
  • Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Cat Cave Bed

The FEANDREA Retro Cat Hut with Bed and Cave is a cat cave bed and cat tower combo. It contains a cat cave bed, perch and sisal scratching post. As a plus, the cushions are machine washable. This cat cave bed is a good option for a multi-cat household since there are several places to lounge.

The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed is our most eco-friendly option. Made with wool, it can regulate temperature based on the season, keeping your kitty warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This bed comes in multiple-sizes.

The TRIXIE Lukas Cuddly Cave Cat Bed is shaped like a mouse and has multiple entrance points. It has a sisal scratching pad on the back, crunchy paper in the ears, dangling pom poms in the eyes and the cushion is washable.

The Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Cat Cave Bed is reversible and washable. This cat cave bed comes with a cushion to increase comfort and it is made with neutral colors to match your home.

The popular belief that cats are nocturnal is untrue. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. Getting your cat to sleep through the night can be difficult. If you find your cat won’t stay in their cat cave bed, try playing with them before you go to sleep.

Which cat cave bed is best can be a difficult question to answer. We love all of these options. It is important to consider where your kitty currently sleeps before you purchase your cat cave bed. A cave bed for cats is a great addition to your home to ensure a safe and warm spot for your feline friend to rest.

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