Do Cats Get Cold? How To Keep Your Feline Friend Warm this Winter

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Cats typically have warm coats, unless they are hairless or very short-haired breed, and likely they stay indoors. However, they can still get cold. Your cat, for instance, may get outside accidentally on a chilly day or find itself stuck in a cold area of the house, such as the attic, basement or uninsulated crawlspace, and be very uncomfortable.

Your kitty may also get cold if you turn off the heat in your house or it goes off unexpectedly while you are away. If you are to leave the house, keep your cat’s comfort in mind when adjusting the heat. You may need to leave the heat up a few degrees when it’s particularly cold outside.

For their own safety and health, cats should always be kept inside. Cats that go outside are highly prone to diseases and parasites and can easily get hurt by other animals. These risks can even be greater during the winter when temperatures are chilly, daylight hours are shorter and visibility is poor due to bad weather.

How Can You Keep Your Cat Warm in Winter?

Keeping warm in the winter season is vital for every feline friend. When cats are left outside in temperatures below freezing, they will likely develop frostbite or hypothermia, which might prove dangerous.

Here are some tips toensure your kitty stays safe and warm this winter season.

Provide Plenty of Food and Water

Cats use more calories to keep warm during the winter and hunting for prey can be more difficult. As such, they will need a little extra help from their owner. A healthy diet and proper hydration will help your kitty stay healthy and have the energy needed to thrive during cold periods.

Provide slightly warm food a couple of times a day and plenty of dry kibbles that won’t freeze. In addition, make sure your kitty has access to plenty of clean and fresh water that is ideally protected from wind and rain. Check the water source at least twice a day to ensure it doesn’t freeze.

Filling the bowls with heated food and water and keeping them out of the wind can help delay the freezing.

Provide Dry, Warm Shelters

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Cats prefer a cozy area where they can feel secure and sheltered. Furthermore, you may find that some outdoor cats might love to wriggle their way inside to escape the winter cold. Keep your feline friend warm and happy this winter by providing them with a cat igloo that they can snuggle into when they want to rest.

If you still feel your feline friend is not getting adequate warmth, you can add a heating pad to their snuggle area. Some cat beds come with an integrated heating pad, but a regular heating pad might be a great idea if they shun the nice kitty bed you got them.

Keep their shelters away from areas with lots of foot traffic that could scare your cat. If possible, put the shelter in a raised area a few inches off the ground, ensuring it is away from snow, rain and insects.

Spend More Time Cuddling

Cuddling with your cat can be the easiest and most enjoyable way to keep your feline friend warm during the winter. Your cat might seek out your warmth when they are chilly, so hunker down together on the sofa, binge your favorite movies, or snuggle in with your furry friend.

Keep Your Kitty Active

Just like humans, cats feel warmer when they exercise. So, you should provide your fur baby with plenty of toys that will keep them busy and active while revving up their metabolism. Active felines are also more healthy than sedentary cats, so you will be doing them a favor by playing more during these cold days and long nights.

Play Dress-Up with Your Furry Friend

Although not all cats like wearing clothes, your feline friend may sing a different tune when they get chilly. Consider getting soft, warm clothes such as fleece sweaters to keep your kitty warm and comfortable. Play with your fur baby or give them a treat while holding the sweater so that they can have positive links with the clothing rather than suddenly stuffing them into a new winter wardrobe.

If you have a hairless kitty, be very careful to ensure the sweater is not itchy since that can irritate their delicate skin.

Summing It Up

A cooler house after hot summer temperatures may make the most wonderful time of the year for you, but it might be extremely miserable for little cats. However, if you follow these great tips, your furry friend will stay happy and warm all through the winter months.

And don’t forget to invest in a quality humidifier. Using heaters can cause dry, itchy skin for you and your feline friend.

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