Do Scratching Posts Really Work for Cats?

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Got a cat? The feline family can do some damage when they are bored or marking their territory. Make things easier on the whole house by providing them with a scratching post to save on the furniture.

Pick a Spot

The biggest mistake that cat owners make when bringing home a cat scratching post is to put it where they want it—rather than where the cat may be most tempted to use it. People often try to keep the posts out of the way or out of sight, but cats may prefer them in central spots.

Let Them Mark Their Territory

Remember that cats use their markings on a scratching post as a means of communicating and sending a message to other cats that may—or may not—use the post. It marks their territory, so placement is key.

Make it Easy

If you want to simplify scratch-post training for cats, place the post where your cats seem to hang out and where they do the most damage. This usually is on a rug or specific piece of furniture. Replace their preferred scratch spot with the new scratching post and it could be an easier transition for your pet.

Pique Their Curiosity

One way to pique a cat’s curiosity about the new post is to sprinkle a little catnip on the sides or rises. Another way is to leave treats near or on the post. Depending on the type of scratch post, you might lay it on its side so your cats will come closer and investigate.

Leave Them Be

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An important tip is to let your cat find and experience the post organically. Don’t force or become too assertive about sharing or encouraging your cat to use it. Cats are independent and are more likely to use the scratching post if they discover and explore it on their own.

Save on furniture and prevent damage with cat scratching posts, available online through Amazon and select retailers, for delivery right your door.

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