Do White Cockatoos Make Good Pets?

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white cockatoos make good pets
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Are you thinking of keeping the white cockatoo as a pet? If yes, that is an awesome idea. A properly trained and raised, socialized white cockatoo makes an exceptional companion. Generally, the bird is mischievous, comical, easy to get along with and affectionate.

However, white cockatoos require a significant amount of attention and care. If you fail to do so, the birds may develop behavioral issues such as screaming, plucking or aggression. Below we explain whether the white cockatoo bird makes a good pet.

How Long Do White Cockatoos Live?

One of the things that make white cockatoos excellent pets is their long lifespan. In captivity, the average white cockatoo's lifespan is 70 years. This long lifespan allows your pet to keep you company for an extended period.

The trick to ensuring longevity is to give your bird the right amount of care or attention. A lack of proper care can cause the birds to die very young.

How Much Do White Cockatoos Cost

The white cockatoo, also known as the white umbrella cockatoo, has a long lifespan. Therefore, this lifespan makes the bird costly to purchase. If you intend to buy white cockatoo birds from a breeder, the price may range from $1000 to $3000. Also, the average cost of adoption is $2000.

One thing to note is that you may incur other costs apart from the purchase price. You must make upfront purchases for essential supplies like food, toys, medical needs, perches, dishes, cages and treats. The essential supplies may cost you up to $2000.

What Do White Cockatoos Eat?

The white cockatoo diet should consist of nutritious and balanced foods. Generally, the birds are energetic, intelligent and fun-loving, so the food they consume should reflect their nature. The basic white cockatoo food should include vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted or cooked beans and seeds.

Seeds should comprise a mixture of oats, safflower, white millet and canary. During the cold seasons, the birds prefer cooked peas. One thing to note is that the umbrella cockatoo loves foods they can hold with their feet.

Do White Cockatoos Make Good Pets?

White cockatoos are beautiful birds to keep. They are the only cockatoo birds with a completely white crest. Although you can find white cockatoos with yellow crests. If you have any experience keeping parrots, the white-crested cockatoo is the perfect bird for you.

The white cockatoo will make a fantastic pet because of their sweet disposition and affectionate nature. White cockatoos love to cuddle and are very smart. If you provide the proper care, they will bond quickly with you.

However, the white cockatoo may be hard to take on if you are a beginner. They are also not ideal as a child's pet. The bird is incredibly sensitive and gets spoiled easily. They do not respond well to changes in routine or new family members, such as a puppy or an infant.

If you fail to provide enough attention, the cockatoo may engage in self-mutilation and pluck out their feathers. Therefore, the only way the cockatoo can make an exceptional pet is to ensure you provide the proper care and attention. A vital part of the care process is to ensure you have enough time to spend with them as they are very social birds.

How Big Is a White Cockatoo?

A white cockatoo is approximately 46 centimeters long. Adult males weigh up to 800 grams, while adult females weigh about 400 grams. Also, both the female and male have dark grey beaks and black eyes. Their primary difference is that the male's head and beak are broader and bigger than the female's.

If you plan to keep the white cockatoo as a pet, note that it hates confinement. Their large size makes them prefer a well-built and large place to live. A small white cockatoo habitat can cause the bird to pick out their feathers and become agitated, weary and aggressive toward their owner.

Is a White Cockatoo a Parrot?

The white cockatoo belongs to the parrot family. However, parrots are not cockatoos. Cockatoos have dark grey beaks, dark grey legs and white feathers. Also, the birds have a broad and backward-bending crest.

On the other hand, parrots often have green plumage and hints of yellow, pink or red. Typically, the bright colors in parrots are one of the main differentiators between a white cockatoo and a parrot.

What To Feed White Cockatoos

Like parrots, white cockatoos are herbivores in nature. When feeding them, make sure to give a mixture of seeds pellets, vegetables, nuts and fruits. Also, experts recommend that you feed the birds at least twice a day, in the morning and evening.

The twice-a-day rule will help create a routine that birds love. As stated above, white cockatoos do not respond well to a change of routine; therefore, make sure you stick to the feeding routine. Some of their favorite foods include:

An important point to note when feeding your cockatoos is to avoid an all-seed diet. The birds are likely to develop heart diseases if you confine them to an all-seed diet. This diet can overload your bird’s body with fats, which may cause heart issues such as atherosclerosis.

Research shows that 60% of autopsies in birds indicate signs of nutritional deficiency. Fortunately, deaths due to nutritional deficiency are easily preventable. Provide your white cockatoo with balanced and nutritious foods for a happier and healthier life. Include a mixture of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins for every meal you provide. You can also supplement their diet with large insects, such as crickets.

Bottom Line

White cockatoos are good pets to keep. They are affectionate and loving birds that bond easily with their owners if given the proper care and attention. The white cockatoo is ideal if you have any experience keeping other cockatoos or parrots. However, they are unsuitable for first-time owners or a child's first pet.

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white cockatoos make good pets

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