How Big Should a Parakeet Cage Be?

Author: Moses Mwangi | Co-Author: Parker Hansen | Reviewed by: Nancy George | January 20, 2023
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A parakeet's cage is important for any parakeet pet. The cage acts as its home away from the wild. Therefore, size should be one of your top considerations when purchasing a parakeet's cage. The birds require ample space to explore, fly and play.

So, how big should a parakeet cage be? The best cage size should be very wide, as the birds are horizontal fliers. Furthermore, a parakeet's cage is a long-term investment, so the best option is to buy the biggest cage possible, depending on the number of parakeets you want to keep. The primary point to note is that bigger will always be better.

How many parakeets in a cage?

Parakeets live as a flock in their natural environment. The flock lifestyle ensures that the birds are social creatures in nature. Therefore, you should avoid keeping only one parakeet in a cage to deter loneliness, which can lead to physical and mental issues in your bird.

The most suitable number is to have at least a pair of parakeets in one cage. You can keep both male and female. In addition, you can have as many parakeets as you want if the cage's size allows.

What do parakeets need in their cage?

Bird cages for parakeets needs to be adequately outfitted for the parakeets to be happy. Research shows that the bird is highly active, intelligent and curious, so you need to meet all its requirements for the bird to be healthy.

The cage for your parakeet should have the following:

When getting the ladders and perches, ensure they are different sizes. In addition, the more parakeets you have in a cage, the more accessories you will need. Therefore, consider the necessary space for the accessories when determining the parakeet bird cage size.

What size cage does a parakeet need?

A parakeet's cage is their haven. Thus, when purchasing a cage for a parakeet, do not look at its aesthetics but consider its size. The right size can ensure your bird has excellent mental and physical health.

Experts recommend that the minimum size for a parakeet's cage be 20-by-18-by-18 inches. However, the bigger, the better. Always go for big cages that accommodate all the necessary accessories and still leave room for playing. Also, the number of parakeets you intend to keep should help with the size decision. Here is a recommendation for you:

  • One parakeet: 20-by-18-by-18 inches
  • Two parakeets: 30-by-12-by-18 inches
  • Three parakeets: 40-by-18-by-18 inches

The general rule is to increase the length of your cage by at least 10 inches for every parakeet you add.

The cages should also have close bars that are about one inch apart. The spacing will prevent your birds from sticking their heads out and accidentally strangling themselves.

Should you cover a parakeet cage at night?

Parakeets need about 12 hours of quality sleep each night. Like humans, parakeets can be very cranky without quality sleep. The parakeets are also sensitive to noise and light. Therefore, it would be best if you provided them with a dark and quiet place to sleep.

You can choose to place the bird's cage uncovered in a secluded, quiet and dark place during sleep time. Also, consider covering the parakeet's cage. If you choose to cover the cage, use a thick cover that will prevent light penetration.

The main point is to provide a dark and quiet environment for quality sleep. The environment will prevent any distractions when your pet is sleeping. It will also stimulate a natural setting for sleeping.

What is the best cage for a parakeet?

Parakeet bird cages need to be wide as they fly horizontally. The flight cages are the best because of the bird's flying behaviors. In the market, there are several parakeet cages available. Here is a list of the most popular parakeet cages.

Prevue Pet Wrought Iron Flight Cage


The Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Birds Flight Cage's size is 31-by-20.5-by-53 inches. Its large size ensures that your bird will have enough space and freedom to fly around. You can keep multiple birds in the cage. Also, the cage has three perches that will allow your bird multiple areas to sit.

MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage

The MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage is best for home and travel use. Producers made it with quality and durable materials, ensuring it's a once-in-a-lifetime investment. In addition, the cage has two stainless steel feeders, a pull-up drawer, a perching rope and wide doors.

Topeakmart Extra Large Bird Cage

extra large

The Topeakmart Extra Large Bird Cage has an incredibly simple design and a size of 31.89-by- 18.31-by-51.02 inches. Its bar spacing is 0.4 inches, which is adequate for the parakeet's safety. Additionally, the cage features a birdbath, breeding boxes, two ladders, ten small doors and six detachable perches.

Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage

parakeet cage size

The Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage is ideal if you have two parakeets. The cage will ensure that your birds have enough space to play and fly around. It has four perches made from wood and the main cage's material is iron.

A&E Cage Company Soft-Sided Travel Bird Carrier

The A&E Cage Company Soft-Sided Travel Bird Carrier is very travel friendly. It is suitable for carrying one parakeet. The cage has a soft inside that makes it ideal for moving your bird to a new location. Producers make the cage from very durable material, ensuring its longevity.

Bottom Line

The right parakeet cage size for your bird is essential for its physical and mental health. The birds are very active and need ample space for playing and flying. A lack of sufficient space can lead to an unhappy bird. Therefore, the ideal cage size for your parakeet is big. Also, ensure you avoid overcrowding if you plan to have multiple birds. Remember, the bigger, the better.

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