How To Take Care of a Pet Rabbit

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Various pet rabbits hanging out together
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Rabbits are popular pets, but there’s a lot to know about taking care of a rabbit. You can’t simply get one for your home without having the right equipment and food. Learn how to take care of a pet rabbit with these tips.

What Kind of Bedding Does a Rabbit Need?

Rabbits need a large cage compared to their size. The hutch needs to be big enough to have space for a litter box, a resting or hiding area and a place for food and water. The minimum size of the cage is 4-by-4-by-2-feet, because you want your rabbit to be able to fully stretch out and stand up. It should also have some toys in the cage to help your rabbit stay mentally engaged when it is alone, because rabbits chew. Choose a metal cage with a solid bottom and put hay in the cage for a nest. Once your rabbit chooses the corner where he goes to the bathroom, you can put a small litter box in it lined with newspaper. Even with a large cage, your rabbit will need an area to exercise in.

How To Feed a Rabbit

Rabbits need grass hay, fresh fruits, vegetables, pellets and fresh water. Choose heavy bowls because they will turn over the bowls. They like green foods, such as dandelion greens, parsley, broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts. Fresh fruits, such as cranberries, blueberries, cherries and pineapple, along with fresh vegetables, carrots, squash and bell peppers can be used as treats, rather than commercial treats. Pellets are a small portion of a rabbit’s diet because they can easily eat too many pellets, which can lead to obesity. Make sure your rabbit has plenty of fresh water available all the time.

How To Care for a Rabbit Indoors

Rabbits make good indoor pets when you have the right accommodations. But rabbits need a lot of exercise. Your rabbit will be safer if you have a corralled area, such as a dog pen. The flooring should be carpeted or have some kind of traction. Because your rabbit will chew on cords and furniture, keep him away from anything that could be hazardous for them to chew.

How To Care for a Rabbit Outdoors

It’s not recommended to keep domesticated rabbits solely outdoors. Ideally, they need shelter from the elements. If you must keep them outside, put their hutch in a shed or garage in a place that gets good light and ventilation. They’ll need plenty of room to run around, but you’ll want to create a pen where they can go outside when the weather is nice. Rabbits are prey animals in the wild, so they do need to be protected against their natural predators. If you get a rabbit in the fall, don’t put it outdoors because it may not have time to get its winter coat.

Are Rabbits Easy To Take Care Of?

Rabbits aren’t much more difficult to take care of than dogs or cats, but you do need to be prepared to give them the right care because they are more delicate than cats and dogs. You will need to be careful when picking them up and handling them. Before you get a rabbit for your home, know that they can live up to 12 years as a pet. Get the right habitat for your rabbit to give them a healthy life with you.

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Various pet rabbits hanging out together

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