What Is the Best Rabbit Harness?

Author: Brett Gee | November 18, 2021
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Rabbit sitting in a field
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A new pet owner to a rabbit, or even an experienced owner, may not realize that rabbits can and should be walked. Not only is this good for the bunny’s health, but it also keeps them entertained and gives them an activity. A person walking their rabbit can bond with them in a way that cuddling doesn’t quite cover. This type of exercise is fun for both the owner and their furry friend. Proper equipment is needed to safely walk a pet rabbit—a harness specifically designed for a rabbit, instead of using a dog harness or human accessories like a leash necklace or belt loop. Using the wrong kind of equipment could hurt the rabbit physically or psychologically, leading to trouble down the road when they are no longer a small, fragile bunny.

The Five Best Rabbit Harnesses

Fitlife Harness

soft rabbit harness

The Fitlife Harness is a mesh, soft harness that fits rabbits and other pets by adjusting to their unique body shapes. It stays on the bunny without needing a collar or leash, which means the rabbit can’t slip out. This design makes it highly comfortable for everyday use as well as for long walks. It also provides better mobility than a regular leash. Moreover, it’s lightweight and won’t place more weight on the rabbit than is necessary. It’s easy to clean and small enough that it won’t be an inconvenience for the owner. It also comes with a one-year warranty which allows for a hassle-free and straightforward replacement or refund in case of any trouble. The price is around $9 and can be found on Amazon.

Rabbitgoo Walking Jacket

Rabbit Vest Breathable Multipurpose Jacket Coat for Kitten Walking Bunny

The Rabbitgoo Dog/Rabbit Walking Jacket is another mesh harness specifically made for rabbits and other small animals like guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, mice, rats and even cats. It’s designed with the animal’s comfort in mind by eliminating any pressure points that can be painful or dangerous. This removes discomfort and enhances the animal’s safety as it keeps them from slipping out of a harness that is too large. It’s escape-proof shape and plush-lined chest plate makes this possible. This harness can be used every day because of its durability, lightweight material (that’s also breathable) and portability. Because rabbits are active creatures that love to hop around, this harness is designed to stay out of their way so they can move freely. It costs around $27 and can be found on Amazon.

Unlike the Fitlife Harness, the Rabbitgoo has adjustable straps to ensure no pressure points or discomfort while walking, making it one of the best rabbit harnesses. This one also goes over the animal’s head instead of just around their body, making it better-designed for larger breeds since they typically wear dog-sized harnesses anyway. The best part about this item is it can be machine-washed if it gets dirty.

The Rabbit Strap Harness


The Strap Harness for Rabbits is a simple design that comes with an adjustable strap to ensure the right fit for different rabbit breeds. This harness has two leash attachment points so you can control where your bunny goes. It comes in two sizes designed to fit rabbits 8–11 inches long and 11–14 inches long, respectively, which should be big enough for most larger species. It also works great as a stroller harness since it goes over the animal’s head just like a jacket, instead of fitting around their body or shoulders. This allows them to lie down without becoming tangled up in mesh fabric straps or having pressure point issues. Additionally, it’s incredibly affordable, especially since it’s made from nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty, making this one of the safest and affordable harnesses for walking a rabbit. It costs around $7 and can be found on Amazon.

Pet Fit For Life Rabbit Harness

pet rabbit chest

The Pet Fit For Life is a chest belt harness, which means it goes around the rabbit’s upper body and behind its front paws. This one is made from nylon webbing with metal buckles to ensure it stays in place even when a pet struggles to get out of it. It also includes a handle just in case any accidents happen during their walk and you have to pick up the bunny. While this might not be best for rabbits who tend to bite or scratch (they’ll be able to reach your hand if you’re holding onto the handle), most will learn that biting or scratching while wearing this won’t get them anywhere, so they’ll stop trying. The benefits of this harness include a lifetime warranty and its price, which is below $8 and can be found on Amazon.

Kwik Klip Rabbit Harness

best for rabbits

The Kwik Klip Mesh Harness is made from breathable, mesh materials and comes in a variety of colors. This item should fit bunnies who are 9–14 1/2 inches long and should be okay for most larger-sized breeds as well. The front and back attachment points help ensure that the harness stays on securely, even if the rabbit decides to run or jump unexpectedly. It’s also designed to prevent sores from forming around the animal’s neck due to any pulling on their part. They can move without choking themselves during walks. In addition, it’s machine washable, making it very easy to keep clean after use. Another reason why it’s one of the best rabbit harnesses. The only downside is that the leash attachment point is located on the back, so it might be hard if you want to hold onto both your rabbit and their leash. However, most rabbits don’t like to be picked up anyways. It costs around $15 and can be found on Amazon.

All five of these harnesses are durable enough to last a long time while still being comfortable for bunnies to wear without any problems or an unwillingness to move about normally. Each one is designed for daily use and longer walks to keep rabbits safe while giving their owners peace of mind when it comes to safety concerns. All of them should also fit most larger breeds comfortably, even if they aren’t specifically made for them, since larger pets typically wear dog-sized harnesses anyway, and the sizing usually works great for all breeds.

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Rabbit sitting in a field

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